5 Best Energy Chews For Cycling and Running! 2021

Whether a person is cycling or doing any strenuous workout, energy is necessary to power through. The longer the workout, the more important it is to focus on getting some type of energy in the body before, during, and after.

One of the easiest ways to get energy on the go is to rely on energy chews. They are very small and easy to pack, and they are usually pretty tasty as well. Many people have moved on from mixes and energy bars to go with something a little easier to carry around.

Looking for the best energy chews for cycling? These five are outstanding options worth giving a try. Keep in mind everyone is going to have slightly different tastes, so words might be extremely satisfying for some will be frustrating for others.

1. Honey Stinger Energy Chews

The Honey Stinger Energy Chews

Honey Stinger Energy Chews (Amazon) have just about everything a person could ask for. Not only are they extremely tasty, but they are made of high-quality ingredients that people do not have to worry about when putting in their body.

They rely heavily on natural flavors and organic ingredients, with the most important one being honey. They also use juice concentrate and stay away from any gluten, nuts, dairy, or soy.

These versatile energy chews are capable of working at any time during a long ride. People usually carry a pack with them and opt for a chew here and there throughout the workout.

Each pack of chews is going to max out at around 39 grams of carbohydrates, so a person will not have to run the risk of putting too much in her body at once. All in all, they are great options for people who are trying to stay as energetic as possible.

2.  Jelly Belly Sport Beans

Jelly Belly Sport Beans

Growing up on jelly beans from Jelly Belly is something that millions enjoyed during their childhood. Now, they can switch out those extremely sugary options for something a bit healthier.

Their Sport Beans (Amazon) provide some quick energy for ultimate sports performance, and they still carry that same taste that they are so well known for.

In just a short amount of time, a person can enjoy a few jellybeans and gain a lot of carbohydrates, electrolytes, vitamin B, and vitamin C.

They come in variety packs for the most part, so people can pick around and get the flavor they like the best. If a person wants to focus on a single flavor, they have a few options as well.

The traditional Sport Beans come with no caffeine in them, but they also offer Extreme Sport Beans for those who want some caffeine.

They are extremely tasty, and might be the best energy chew on the market right now. It takes a little bit more for a person to feel the energy compared to other chews, but that has something to do with the beans being pretty small.

3. Cliff Bar Clif Blocks

Cliff Bar Clif Blocks

If a person has counted on Cliff Bars in the past, Cliff Blocks (Amazon) is an energy chew version of that. They are going to taste a little bit better in the eyes of many, as they are mostly available in fruit flavors.

With a few chews in every package, a person can space them out during a ride so that energy is always at a high-level.

Cliff has always been very conscientious about what they put in all of their products. They use USDA organic ingredients to create an energy chew that can prove to be very versatile.

There is a boost in the beginning that most people feel right away, but they are very easy to consume on the go as well.

Cliff has had a bit of fun coming out with new flavors for energy chews, and it gives people a bit more variety compared to the norm. It is a good idea to try a few of the more unique flavors in small quantities before seeing if it is something to invest in.

4. GU Energy Chews

GU Energy Chews

A lot of people believe that this might be the best overall energy chew specific for cycling. Most people are looking for something very easy to consume without having to stop the bike, and it does not get much easier than this.

The packaging of the GU Energy Chews (Amazon) is very easy to open, and they fit just about anywhere for easy access.

The company has put a lot of effort into making these specific for more endurance activities. They contain 80 calories and 20 grams of carbohydrates, and a person can opt for 20 milligrams of caffeine or go caffeine-free.

They do not have a ton of flavors compared to other companies, but they do offer some strong amino acids that others are not as great at providing.

These amino acids can help with the recovery process after a long ride, making them a top choice for people who are riding consistently.

5. Scratch Labs Sport Energy Chews

Scratch Labs Sport Energy Chews

The final option to make this list is one that can boost a person’s energy levels if they are low. Scratch Labs Chews (Amazon) are filled with caffeine is a boost not found in many other chews, people should give them a try so that they are not feeling lethargic.

The standard feature is that each energy chew has 50 milligrams of caffeine in each packet. This is also filled with 36 grams of carbohydrates, and a total of 140 calories.

It might be too much caffeine for some people, but others need extra help to feel confident when riding.

One thing to keep in mind is that too much caffeine from other sources might provide a bit of a crash feeling. There is no crash with Scratch Labs Sport Energy Chews, as a person can also take additional chews as time goes on.

Many people will space them out throughout the ride so that they are always feeling very confident and alert, especially during those early rides in the morning.

What are the most important qualities in a great energy chew?

All the options above are great choices for those who are starting out. They are well-respected brands, have plenty of positive reviews, and have been personally tested.

When branching out and testing a few other options out there, there are important things to look for in an energy chew.

How many carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are essential when trying to boost energy during a ride. Not only do energy chews need to have easily digestible carbohydrates, but they need to act quickly.

Look for chews that have at least 20 grams of carbohydrates per serving, but a person can go up a little bit higher if they wish.

Do not ignore electrolytes

Electrolytes are very important for athletes, as they lose the likes of sodium and potassium during a workout. This can cause a person to cramp up and not feel themselves, and that is the last thing anybody wants to do if they are on a long ride.

Just about all of the top energy chews are going to have plenty of electrolytes. There might be some to focus more on sodium and potassium, and vice versa, but that is for more specific issues that some people might have. (Source)

Caffeine or no caffeine?

Some people can’t go without having caffeine in their energy chews. Others wish to avoid this boost of energy because they are a little bit sensitive, so they opt for a different option.

The good news is that most companies are offering both versions these days. Make sure to check that the right one is purchased, and then go from there.

Caffeine does provide a bit of a boost in energy and athletic performance in a lot of athletes, but relying too much on it can cause some complications. (Source)


There used to be a time where people did not really care that much about the taste of energy chews. They were swallowing them as quickly as possible and getting the benefits of everything inside.

With so many options today, people can find exactly what they want and have a good tasting treat that they look forward to as well.

Most people who are riding for hours and hours are not going to be eating anything, so the taste of their energy chews will be on their lips the entire time. It needs to be a good option so that people can feel like they are happy with the decision.


Riders do not have time to mess with tricky packaging with energy chews. It might not seem like that big of a deal, but it is easy to see what companies care about cyclists and which ones do not really think about that.

It should be easy to do with one hand, and also very small and lightweight.

Some companies are also offering packaging that is environmentally friendly so that people do not feel like they are damaging the earth.

This is something that people can feel happy about, as they do not want to litter when they are out on the trails. Having a place to put trash while on the ride can make people feel better.

Are Energy Chews The Best Options For Cyclist?

Some people will get their energy from bars, while others will prefer gels. Energy chews are just another option for people to try out and see if it is something they enjoy.

It is nice to have something to bite into, which is why many will try these over gels. It comes down to personal preference more than anything, and cost might be a concern as well.

Many of the top energy chews work just as well as any other options out there. They are easy to use as cyclists, and they do not seem to be going away any time soon. In fact, more companies are offering additional options so that everyone can find the right fit for them.

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