6 Best Bike Lights for Night Riding – Road and Commuting

No matter what type of bike a person owns, it is always very tempting to go out for a ride at night. The problem is, it is very unsafe to ride without lights on the bike. Not only does it help the rider see what lies ahead, but it also helps with general visibility so that others know a rider is coming.

The bike lights below are perfect for any type of bike out there. Fat bike riders can use these lights to ride on trails at night, and road bike users can get their miles in after work as well. These are essential to have for any bike owner, but especially during the shorter months of the year when there is a limited amount of daylight.

One thing to note is that all of these options listed below are for full kits. That means a person needs a light for the front, and a light for the back. This list is more geared for people that are riding their fatties for commuting where they would need to be seen for safety purposes.

There are other options out there if a person just needs a tail light or a headlight, but the vast majority of people need both to stay completely safe out there.

1. Blackburn Luminate 360 Set

It is worth noting that of the different sets in this article, different tiers are going down the list. These first two are pretty expensive, while the next two are considered mid-tier. Finally, the last two are very budget-friendly for any type of shopper out there.

The Blackburn Luminate 360 Set might just be the best full system on the market today. It is going to cost a decent amount of money, but people are blown away with the quality.

Included with every order is a headlight, tail light, and two sidelights. The sidelights come in handy for fat bike riders in particular, because they always worry about the level of visibility when in darker areas. Being easy to spot when going perpendicular with someone else helps out a lot.

For those who have the money, this full setup will last a long, long time. The lights are durable enough that they won’t break down prematurely.


  • Side lights help out with visibility a lot
  • Durable enough to last for years of heavy use
  • Fast re-charging


  • Expensive
  • Battery life is not that long on the highest settings

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2. Knog Big Cobber Twinpack

For riders who are really worried about visibility, there might not be a better option than the Knog Big Cobber Twinpack. These might be a little obnoxious for a casual rider, but those who want to make sure they stand out will pay attention to that.

One of the biggest fears of every rider at night is not being seen by other people in the area. It would be very frustrating to feel like as a rider, it is nearly impossible for people to spot the bike. Instead of dealing with this type of uncertainty, the better way to go about it is to draw attention with lights like these. These are not meant for people who want to be riding with little attention, but at night, attention is good.

Other than being a little heavy, people who like to ride in the dark, someone secluded areas really love what these bring to the table. They are priced a little high, but it is worth it to stay safe and visible at all times. In many ways, the bike feels a lot like a standard vehicle with these lights. They definitely draw attention, making sure everyone sees there is a bike on the road.


  • Best visibility on the market
  • Very well built lights meant to last
  • Quick to install


  • Very expensive
  • Powerful, versatile lights are overkill for some

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3. BrightRoad Rechargeable 800 Lumens Front and Back Lights

Search online, and there are plenty of people singing the praises of BrightRoad and their bike light set. They have developed one of the best options out there as far as quality and value is concerned. For a pretty low price, bike riders can get precisely what they need to stay safe on the road or trail.

Everything starts with the front headlight, which has 800 lumens for people looking for great power. This allows for visibility up to 650 feet. It is capable of rotating as well, so a person can investigate any sounds or other flashes that catch the attention while riding. This is especially good for people who are riding on a fat bike, because they do not want to be surprised by an animal in the wild.

The headlight grabs all the attention, but the tail light is extremely valuable as well. It provides some great visibility for anyone who is coming up on a rider. It rivals something on a motorcycle, which is pretty impressive for a set of lights that costs so little.

Both the headlights and tail lights are easy to recharge with a USB cord, and it does not take much time to get enough charge for a single ride. Do keep in mind that they should be recharged somewhat regularly. This is so a person is not stuck out on a trail without functioning lights.

For those people who feel like they are running low on battery life, there are five different modes for conservation. At maximum strength, 800 lumens is only going to last a little over an hour. Knock that down by putting it at 200 lumens constantly, and a person can get 4 1/2 hours of power.

All in all, it is hard to find much wrong with this at all. All types of bike riders rely on this lighting, and the reviews pretty much speak for themselves online.


  • Easy set up for maximum visibility and vision at night
  • One-year warranty
  • Built to last even in adverse weather conditions


  • Lights can move around a bit if not wholly secured during insulation
  • Battery life could be slightly better

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4. Vont Bike Light


If brightness is what a person is really looking for, it is hard to find a better value than the Vont Bike Light. It does a great job of not only providing visibility with a solid tail light, but the headlight is perfect for any type of riding.

One of the most frustrating things with budget options is that a person is usually sacrificing power with the headlight. It can be a challenge to ride to quickly on a fat bike, or any other type of bike, if a person can’t see far in front of them.

Vont promises some pretty impressive numbers for people who decide to go with this option. On the highest setting, visibility can be as much as 328 feet in front. That means a person will know exactly what is coming, and they won’t be in for any surprises. Even on the highest setting, a person can expect about 4 to 6 hours of use. It might not be the greatest battery life, but it is capable of lasting for a reasonable time.

Speaking of battery, that might be the one drawback for some. Instead of being a rechargeable light via USB, it requires three AAA batteries. That starts to add up if a person is continually using the light, so do keep that in mind. If it seems like too much money is being spent on batteries, it might make sense to go with one of the other options that are entirely rechargeable via USB.

All in all, there are no complaints whatsoever with visibility as far as this light option is concerned. People should feel extremely confident when they are riding out there, and it is incredible that this is available in such a portable package.


  • Extremely bright headlight
  • Quality battery life
  • Affordable


  • Uses three AAA batteries with no USB option
  • Weighs a little heavier than some of the other lights out there

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5. Ascher USB Rechargable Bike Light Set

At this point, we’ve reached the level where lights are extremely affordable. This option is perfect for any type of bike out there, and it increases visibility right away. The unique design allows for maximum brightness, considering it uses such a small battery and light system in the first place. Even the headlight is bright enough that riders who are going super fast will be able to see just fine in front of them.

With different light mode options, a person can really increase their visibility as much as possible. This is great news for people who are worried about their overall safety. It can be very intimidating to be out there on the road or trail and not know if people can see them. When that is the case, adding these lights for such an affordable price makes sense.

Ascher, as a company, has built a reputation as a trustworthy light provider. They are committed to becoming one of the best solutions out there, and they provide a full guarantee with all of their lights for new customers. If there’s ever a problem, customer service is very quick to step in and help out as much as possible.

All in all, having this set of lights, or the one below, makes a lot of sense in case something bad happens. No one wants to be stuck without any type of lighting. Sure, it doesn’t provide the best of the best, but it is still very beneficial for people who want to do some night riding but do not want to spend a ton of money.


  • Unique design maximizes illumination
  • Battery has a long life when fully charged
  • Four different light mode options for the best type of visibility


  • Has no option for alternative battery if it runs out of the USB charge
  • Straps can snap if stretched out too much

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6. REFUN Bicycle Light Set

For people who are looking for a very inexpensive option that works very well, this light set from REFUN is about as perfect as it gets. There are many budget options available online and in stores, but it is hard to be the overall value of getting a four-pack of lights with spare batteries included as well.

The lights from REFUN are pretty small overall, but they provide a good amount of light in even very dark conditions. Visibility should not be a concern at all, as others will be able to see the bike. The one drawback these cheap options do have is that they are not going to provide a ton of illumination upfront.

It might help just a little bit, but it certainly is not going to light up the view so that everything is 100% visible. Think of them more as lights to help increase visibility, not spot everything in front of a rider. They can’t work as well in complete darkness.

These lights are very easy to install, and can be moved from bike to bike when needed. Some people feel like they can install two of these on the front and the back for some added visibility.

This helps a little bit, and is definitely an option for people to consider that is still very inexpensive.

The material used is pretty high quality for the price, but is not going to last quite as long as the more expensive options out there. The outside of each light is made of water-resistant silicone, and that does a good job of protecting against any type of rain or snow that hits it.

Battery life is pretty average, and there is always the option of purchasing more batteries as well. These lights certainly serve a purpose, but they are not going to be a full replacement for people who need amazing vision looking forward. It is just very hard to find a better option out there that is affordable. It is worth making a purchase just to have around if other lights aren’t working, and they need to be used as a backup.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Spare lights and batteries included
  • Durable enough to hold up against tough weather


  • Won’t light up too much area in the front
  • The silicon strap used for insulation can snap at times

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All these lights are certainly more geared for road biking while your riding your fatty. Using any of these lights for commuting in the darkness will make things much brighter and safer for you while you’re enjoying your fat bike!

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