7 Best Pre-Cycling Supplement Performance Booster

No matter what type of sport a person is into, chances are they have looked into some kind of supplement. There are a lot of different supplements out there that work for different types of athletes, and cycling is no different.

For endurance athletes, most are paying close attention to what they put into their body. If the supplement does not work at the beginning of the race, it could set the tone for the entire day.

No one wants to be in a situation where they constantly feel fatigued and not really up to par, so getting a proper pre-cycling supplement is the best way to go.

What Are The Best Pre-Cycling Supplements?

Certain supplements are going to provide huge stand-out features for any cyclist. Most of the options bellow will have most if not all of the ingredients already in their supplement.

But it is worth checking out just to make sure that a person is getting everything they need. This is a closer breakdown of what each supplement provides for the body, and how people benefit.

1. Beets

Vitamin Beets Cycling

Beets vitamins (Amazon) are going to help to increase nitric oxide production for riders before a race. This, in turn, will help with vasodilation, which means that blood can’t deliver oxygen to the muscles as efficiently as possible.

While this is not a huge concern, it can make a person feel dizzy or light-headed. People are capable of eating beets if they want, but they can also get them from supplements.

They are pretty easy to find, and riders will notice a bit of a difference soon after consuming.

2. Electrolytes

Any physical activity is going to benefit from electrolytes (Amazon). The longer a ride is and the more intense it is, the more electrolytes matter.

Getting them before means that a person will get the proper calories, potassium, sodium, and more that they need to power through a race.

Do not forget about the recovery process, as electrolytes are still needed later on. A person feels very depleted right after finishing, which can boost a person’s body pretty fast.

It helps significantly with the muscle repair process, which is what many people are hoping for.

3. Calcium

Calcium vitamins (Amazon) is something that all riders should pay attention to, but specifically female athletes. Getting the proper amount of calcium on a day-to-day basis is going to keep a person very healthy.

A supplement for calcium is necessary if someone decides not to eat dairy, as that is where it is commonly found. Without calcium, bones can become weaker and weaker.

While there is not a ton of stress on the bones when cycling, it is never a good idea to let the body get a little weaker. The bones benefit most, but calcium also helps the heart, muscles, and nerves in the body operate as they should. (Source)

4. Magnesium

This mineral is a crucial part of the cycling process. So many people do not truly realize just how much of a difference getting the right amount of magnesium (Amazon) can make in a cyclist.

It helps with energy metabolism, and also helps with proper bone formation. The more a person sweats, the more magnesium they lose. Taking care of that before and after a race is essential.

Magnesium is naturally found in all sorts of plant-based and animal-based foods. However, not everyone eats as much of these as they should. There is also such a thing as having a magnesium deficiency, which is something to look out for.

Looking for a bit of magnesium, caffeine, and even calcium boost? Believe it or not, chocolate is an excellent source for all three.

There is a reason why cyclists eat some chocolate here and there, or indulge in a chocolate shake. No one should feel ashamed to enjoy a way to get certain supplements from time to time.

An actual supplement is not nearly as exciting or tasty, but that is an option as well. (Source)

5. Vitamin D

vitamin d cycling

Riders are going to get a little bit of Vitamin D (Amazon) just by getting outside, but most people need more than that. This is to help muscle fibers regenerate energy when muscles start to contract.

Vitamin D will also help the body absorb calcium the proper way so that it can be put to use. Vitamin D plays a pretty big role in building bones in the long run, so never overlook the supplement’s power.

It is crucial for all types of exercise, but endurance cyclists need to take particular notice. (Source)

6. Multivitamin

Most multivitamins (Amazon) will have a good amount of iron and other nutrients specific for athletes. Getting a lot of benefits rolled into one is never a bad thing.

When looking specifically for a multivitamin, opt for one that is built for athletes. Most are going to have the same consistent benefits.

If it seems like it is making an impact, it is worth getting into the habit. This is a great way for people to reduce how much they are putting into their body.

Some love the simplicity of a catch-all daily multivitamin instead of itemizing everything. It might not specialize in one way to help the body, but it helps across the board.

7. Caffeine

Caffeine Cycling

A lot of people do not think Caffeine Pills (Amazon)  is a supplement, and it is probably the most controversial to make this list. With that said, as long as a person is under control with the amount of caffeine they put in their body, it could very much help cyclists to get through a long ride. (Source)

Everyone knows about the ability of caffeine-infused coffee to make people a little bit more alert and ready to go in the morning. There is a reason why it is part of some daily routines regardless of what is on the agenda.

There are so many different reasons why people should go for coffee in the first place, and it helps athletes more than people understand at first as well.

Riders will have a higher form of alert, and it should carry on long enough that a person does not crash. Even if some sort of crash starts to set in, a person is already wide-awake and in the middle of the ride. It is that kickstart that is usually the issue.

Which Supplements Should Cyclist Avoid?

While most supplements will be fine for cyclists to consume if they want, certain ones are not going to do much good at all.

Maybe the additional benefits are not going to matter for cyclists, and there is also a chance that a person is going to pick up those same essentials from foods.

Creatine is one of those supplements that fall into this category. Most people have heard of creatine in the past, and it is used extensively to help build muscle as much as possible.

For cyclists, it is just going to add water weight, which is not something somebody wants to have to deal with.

Vitamin C is another supplement that probably should not be a super high priority, simply because it is so easy to get it with food. Most people who are eating a healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables are going to get plenty of Vitamin C already.

Crunch the numbers and talk to a doctor if there does seem to be any deficiency, but most are just fine eating what they are already eating.

A recommendation to get the proper amount of Vitamin C without relying on supplements is to eat as many healthy calories as possible.

A lot of fruits and vegetables in rich colors are the best, and those are going to provide plenty of nutrients beyond Vitamin C as well.

Riders should avoid anything artificial or with mixed reviews at all costs. Since most reading this are amateur riders anyway, there is no reason to start taking supplements that could cause more harm than good.

There are natural ways to get a boost, so avoid going in another direction. Simply put, there are too many risks to even try.

Why Are Supplements Important For Cyclist?

A lot of people might think of supplements as something that is more or less for those who are trying to bulk up and get as big as possible.

The fact of the matter is, there are supplements for just about any type of lifestyle, and it is a great way to stay on a specific track.

Much like lifting weights, cycling involves putting in the effort that is very different from the average person. Think about it: not everyone is riding nearly as many miles on the bike every single week.

Putting the body through challenging means that the body needs to be replenished in the right way. Supplements are an easier way to get to target goals.

People might not be able to get all the nutrients they need from a balanced diet, so this is a way to cheat the system in some ways. As long as the supplements are safe to use and approved, there is no reason not to count on them.

Others will opt for supplements simply because it is so easy to keep up with. If people are running all over the place and they do not have time to get all the food they need, supplements can fill in the gaps.

Final Thoughts on Supplements For Pre-Cycling

Getting ready before a ride or race does not have to be too complicated. As long as people get a routine down, it gets easier and easier. A pre-cycling supplement or two certainly helps, and consistency is the key.

Even when a person is not riding on that particular day, it helps to have supplements constantly going into the body. As long as the right supplements are picked, and nothing that is harmful is put into the body, there is no negative effect to keeping a routine.

When people who cycle a lot end up going with a pre-cycling supplement, they find out that they see a boost in how they perform every single day. It might be a gradual boost for the most part, but it is definitely apparent for those who start to pay attention.

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