Best Bike Rack for Fat Bikes In 2021

Riding a fat bike is all about adventures. To find those adventures, from time to time the bike needs to go along for the ride attached to a vehicle. The only way to properly travel with a fat bike is to use a bike rack so that everything stays safe.

For a bike rack to be depended on, it needs to offer protection for both the bike itself, and the car. People want a rack that is protective of the bike while staying out of the way from a driving perspective. If the bike blocks a rearview mirror or back window even the slightest bit, it puts everyone at risk.

What Are the Main Types of Bike Racks for Fat Bikes?

The most popular options for fat bikes are trunk racks, roof racks, and hitch racks for most vehicles, and bed mounts for trucks. They all do a great job of adding security while being discreet enough to operate the vehicle without any issue.

Trunk Mounted Racks

Trunk Mounted Bike Rack for Fat Bikes

For small vehicles, this is one of the only options available. Fat bikes are pretty heavy, so trying to go with any more than two fat bikes at a time with a mount like this usually does not end up well. Make sure to pay close attention to weight limits when putting bikes on a rack.

These racks also cause the most chances of being distracted as a driver. It is something no one wishes upon someone operating a vehicle, but they do get in the way from time to time. Try to position the rack correctly as much as possible to avoid problems, and do not let anything hang from the bike that might cause blockage.

Roof Racks

Roof Top Bike Rack for at Bikes

A roof rack is one solution that puts a fat bike completely out of the way. There will be no distractions when riding long distances, and some people even forget that they have a bike up there if they have a quality rack setup.

There are some drawbacks though, including two main ones that keep people from investing in a roof rack for a fat bike. If the vehicle sits pretty high already, there could be a clearance issue when going under overhangs or bridges. Make sure to take measurements on just how high everything is once it is on the car so that there are no major mishaps.

There is also the issue of getting the fat bike up on the roof of a vehicle. It is a little easier with a road bike or kids bike, but a fat bike is pretty heavy. If it is a struggle at all, there could be a chance of dropping the bike and scratching up the car because of it.

Hitch Racks

Hitch Bike Rack for Fat Bike
Bikes loaded on the back of a car. Active sport concept.

If the vehicle has the opportunity to have a hitch rack on it, this is probably the best overall option for fat bikes right now. Hitch racks can carry anything from one bike at a time to four. It adds a decent amount of length to the vehicle, but not to the point that it is too overwhelming.

People just need to make sure that they remember there is a bit of added length to their vehicle when trying to get into tough spots.

The smaller the vehicle, usually the more limitations it has as far as the size of a hitch rack. Do not expect to have a small vehicle, and carry four fat bikes on the back.

It is just not going to happen, and it could do some damage trying to pull that off on the vehicle. The smallest type of vehicles won’t even have the ability to support a rack like this, forcing a person to go with a trunk rack instead.

Truck Bed Mounts

Truck Bed Bike Rack for Fat Bike

A person with a pickup truck has a few options when carrying a fat bike. For starters, the easiest solution for one or two is to simply toss them in the back.

They do not need any special mount to stay in place for the most part, and they will stay there just fine because they are heavy enough not to blow away or even move around.

For a more professional type of transportation, a fork mount added to the truck bed makes a lot of sense. They are very easy to use, and it just requires removing the front wheel so that the fork can be attached to the mound. Keep in mind that every mount fits a specific size fork, so make sure to purchase the right one.

The Best Values in Bike Racks For Fat Bikes

With so many types of bike racks, it is overwhelming for shoppers. To add to the confusion, there are a lot of companies producing different types of bike racks as well.

Looking for the best values out right now? These four are a great place to start. They all provide high-quality solutions so that people do not even think twice about adding them to the back.

1. Overdrive Sport 2-Bike Hitch Mounted Rack

For a secure fit during a long ride, the Overdrive Sport 2-Bike Hitch Mounted Rack is a perfect solution for anyone who has a 2-inch hitch for their vehicle. The rack has everything a person could ask for, including an anti-wobble system that is truly revolutionary in this market.

There is nothing worse than watching bikes wobble around either while driving, or simply because of the wind. As soon as it starts to wobble, there is a chance that both the bike and the car get scratched up. The mechanism with this rack makes sure that the bike is sturdy and safe at all times. The company does an excellent job of making sure that every single user has a great experience with both a secure bike rack and one that keeps the car 100% safe.

When the rack is not in use, it is very easy to fold up the rack. At the same time, tilt it down to reach into the trunk. Designed to carry two bikes and 120 pounds total, most fat bikes are

going to fall well into this category. It is built to last, and while it is certainly not the flashiest, it does a great job making owners feel a lot more secure about their cargo.


  • Very well-built
  • Anti-wobble system keeps bikes in place
  • Easy to tilt and adjust when needed


  • A little on the expensive side
  • Only works on 2-inch hitches

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2. Saris Bones Bike Rack

Anyone forced to purchase a trunk bike rack wants to make sure that they have something strong enough for fat bikes. Even if the limitations are a bit frustrating, it doesn’t get much better than the rack offered by Saris. Their molded arms and legs give plenty of clearance so that the bikes are not only secure but far enough away from the vehicle so that there are no issues.

So many trunk racks only support lightweight bikes, but this one is heavy-duty enough for fat bikes. They spent a lot of time making sure that the core of the bike rack is strong and adaptable enough to fit any setup.

The company has a rack for two bikes and three bikes, and for fat bike users, it is recommended to put no more than two on at a time. Putting three pretty heavy bikes on a trunk rack could spell danger in the end, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

One bonus feature to the rack is that it accommodates sedans with spoilers due to its shape. There are a lot of racks that do not work if there is a spoiler present, so it is nice to have something versatile enough.


  • Simple, effective design
  • Works on many different types of cars, including those with spoilers
  • Non-rusty material is built last


  • Realistically only fits two fat bikes at once
  • Strap adjustments are the easiest

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3. INNO truck bed bike mount

Buying a mountain for a truck bed is the most affordable way to have a secure fit for a fat bike. A lot of it comes down to simplicity, as the mounts do not require nearly as much material to be built.

That is not to say that these mounts are not secure. Instead, it is one of the safest options any person can find out there.

The look is just a lot more simplistic, which many like so that they are out of the way when using the truck for other things.

Depending on the size of the truck, a person could put quite a few in their truck bed at any time. They all stay upright and secure enough that they would never run into each other either. For just one or two, there’s still an opportunity to store other items in a truck as well.

Since the bike is standing upright, many people suggest putting the bike near the back of the truck bed. This is so it is not right up against the back window, and it is easier to see. There might be some adjustments needed for people depending on their unique set up.


  • Very easy to set up
  • Inexpensive
  • Opens up truck bed space for other items


  • Fork size must be exact
  • Can block vision at times

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4. RockyMounts Tomahawk Fat Bike Ready Upright Mount

Not everyone is a fan of putting a fat bike on the roof, but it is one way to make sure that there are no distractions when driving. It is also very easy to strap on and take off when necessary, which is a bonus for a lot of owners. It is recommended that anyone trying to do this is relatively strong because the fat bike does need to be lifted in many cases.

It looks a little weird at first to have a fat bike mounted on the roof of a vehicle. Since it stands upright, it adds significant height to a vehicle. This can be problematic for people not used to the difference in height because they might attempt to go under something that they usually can.

As for the product itself, RockyMounts has certainly provided shoppers with a sturdy solution. By just securing the wheel, a person is well on their way to quickly taking off after a ride. There’s no assembly required once the bike is taken off the rack, and it is out of the way for people who do not want access to the back trunk.

One reason why this mount gets the nod is that it is ready to go for fat bikes. It holds any tire up to 5 inches, and any bike ranging from 20 inches to 29 inches.

For the simplest solution, this mount certainly brings that to the table. It might not be a perfect solution for everyone, but it continues to be a hot seller.


  • No contact with the bike frame
  • Built ready to go for any tire up to 5 inches
  • lightweight and easy on the vehicle


  • A bit of a challenge to get a bike on and off
  • Only has room for one bike

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Why a Quality bike rack batters

Even though Fairfax does not need baby and all that much, it should be properly stored when traveling. The last thing a person wants is to do damage to the bike or the car when traveling. Not only that, but a bike rack that is not secure could cause damage to someone else on the road if the bike comes loose.

It does cause a bit of money to invest in a quality bike rack, but it is well worth the investment for people who travel with their bikes a lot. The alternatives are pretty tough to deal with, and usually there more hassle than they worth.

Spend the extra money to make sure that a high-quality option is purchased. It is worth it in the end for anyone trying to travel worry-free with their fat bike.

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