9 Best Pre-Cycling Breakfast For Maximum Energy!

The saying goes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That is true for day-to-day life, and it is also true for intense exercising. For people who are going on a bike ride, a quality pre-cycling breakfast makes a lot of sense.

Not everyone enjoys the same type of foods, and there is also the process of getting something to fit every need. If a person believes that they are lacking something when they are doing exercise, it makes sense to focus on help in that category.

These are some of the best choices for a pre-cycling breakfast out there. While certain options are good for all types of rides, some are very specific depending on what the plan is.

For example, a fairly short, moderately paced commute is not going to need the same type of food as a super long ride. Searching for more or less food, and quick energy instead of long energy makes a difference as well. Before creating breakfast for the day, consider these essentials.

1. Eggs

Pre-Cycling Breakfast Eggs

Eggs provide a good source of protein, healthy fats, and more to keep people going every single morning. Some people eat eggs every single day, but others are going to focus more on when they need fuel in the right situations.

As long as the eggs are not covered with a bunch of food bad for a person, they should be good to go. The great thing is that a person can create the eggs away that they want the best.

Some people like the easiness of making scrambled eggs, while others will go with other preparation methods. The important thing is to not be too scared off about adding new things to eggs and seeing how they taste.

There are a lot of people who stick with what they know and do not want to ever stray away from it. It can get a little boring after a while, and it is not recommended to the majority of people who are cycling frequently. A repetitive breakfast can get very boring, very quickly.

2. Pasta

Pre-Cycling Meal – Pasta

In an age where there are so many people who have sworn off eating pasta because of all the carbohydrates involved, it is an excellent source for any type of endurance riding.

It is a slow-release energy food for the most part, and people eat this a few hours before they go on a ride. Even though pasta might not traditionally be breakfast food for some people, others will jump into things and enjoy their favorite option before heading out.

To make it a bit more like a traditional breakfast, think about combining it with different types of sauces. Others will even go as far as using it with eggs and other foods that are a bit more traditional in the breakfast setting.

The truth of the matter is, pasta can be a meal for all types of the day, so no one should ever feel too worried about that. Some people even develop a habit of eating pasta regularly before every ride as a way to properly prepare.

3. Bread

Pre-Cycling Breakfast – Bread

Another food filled with carbohydrates that can help out cyclists involves jumping on the bread bandwagon. Not only is extremely easy to grab and eat, but it can be prepared in a way that people will be very satisfied with overall.

With so many different types of breads to choose from, most of them are going to provide similar benefits, but those who want to get very specific can target something that they really enjoy.

Healthier options such as wheat and rye generally make more sense for riders, but some just enjoy the taste of white bread. It might not come with as many benefits, but it is still better than riding on an empty stomach with nothing else to help out.

Bread also serves as the perfect option for a way to add something else to the mix. Since it is so easy to spread virtually anything on bread, spicing up the taste is a way of making sure the people never get sick of it.

One example is to make a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich that is satisfying as well as filled with additional ingredients. Peanut butter can be a great addition to a healthy overall meal as well.

Feel free to toast bread, warm it up in the microwave, or eat it straight out of the package. It is one of those essential sad so many riders rely on, and that is not going to fade away anytime soon.

4. Granola

Granola Pre Cycling Breakfast

Versatility is here once again with granola, as people can use it as a simple snack, a cereal, or in addition to something else.

Throwing a little bit of granola on can add some crunch to the mix, and it is also very filling. It also just happens to be a whole grain that is filled with carbs, which means that it is much healthier than a bowl of more traditional cereal.

The main benefit is that energy releases slowly from granola, getting fuel to the body the entire ride. It pairs very nicely with fruits and yogurts, and it does not take much to change up to taste at all.

There are more and more granola options out there that people are taking advantage of, which is always nice to see as well.

5. Energy Bars

Pre-Cycling Breakfast – Energy Bars

The perfection of the energy bar has been going on for several years now, as companies are really starting to show just what they can provide for individuals.

There are so many different options that are built specifically for different types of exercises, and that is one of the huge benefits of shopping for the right energy bar for cyclists right now.

Cyclists are mostly going to look for energy bars that provide very long and consistent energy throughout several hours. They are very convenient to grab on the way out for a breakfast snack or to bring for a snack during the ride as well.

Those who worry about glycogen levels are always going to gravitate towards an energy bar, and most will end up finding something that tastes just fine to them.

The evolution of energy bars is to the point that they are blurring a line between candy bars and something healthy.

They might not taste quite as sweet or quite as satisfying as a traditional candy bar, but the richness of the flavor and overall consistency is getting better all the time.

Companies are also competing with each other, keeping prices down to a level that most people are more than satisfied with.

6. Bananas

Banana Pre-Cycling Breakfast

The breakfast staple provides so many benefits, and overall affordability is always going to be a positive for most out there. As long as a person enjoys the taste of the fruit, they can use it as a filling breakfast that does not take much time for the body to digest.

One thing to keep in mind is that the ripeness of a banana can dictate the type of effect it has on a person overall. If it is properly ripe, it changes the speed at which the energy is available from the banana. It also helps with digestion and processing a banana compared to a green one that might not necessarily be ready.

Not everyone is going to be completely satisfied with a banana, so they look for other healthy sources of fuel and energy as well. This is perfectly fine, as bananas are low enough in calories that it will not matter that much.

If a person has the opportunity to bring it with them, there is also a chance of packing a banana or two for the ride. The important thing is just making sure that the banana is properly ripe and ready to provide as many benefits as possible.

7. Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Pre-Cycling Snack

Peanut butter was talked about a little bit above as a spread they can go on bread. There is always that option, but peanut butter, in general, is a great snack that many people enjoy and can get in a variety of ways.

Whether it is by itself, on just about any type of food, for part of an energy bar, peanut butter is perfect for a lot of people.

The protein that comes from peanut butter is outstanding, and a lot of people have no problem eating peanut butter during breakfast.

Having so much peanut butter without anything else surrounding it can be a bit overwhelming, so throwing it on top of something or mixing it in with a shake seems like the best bet.

There is also a chance to combine peanut butter with some type of carb to make it a balanced breakfast overall. Bread and bananas are two great options, but it is really up to what a person enjoys as far as taste is concerned.

8. Porridge

Porridge Pre-Cycling Breakfast

It might seem a little old-school for some people, but porridge is actually one of the best breakfast food options for cyclist out there. It is especially great for those early starts, as long as a person has about an hour to digest everything properly.

Porridge is pretty filling, allowing a person to get some easy food in the body that is not going to cause a lot of digestive problems.

Some people feel like porridge is a little bit bland by itself, which is why it is so easy to throw in some fruits to make it a bit tastier. Anything like a banana, fruit, or jam is going to liven up porridge overall.

Other similar options to porridge, or even cereal for that matter, helps to a certain degree, but they might not be as healthy and is beneficial overall. Do not shy away from giving forward to try, as a lot of people have written off this option without really taste testing everything.

9. Bagel

Pre-Cycling Breakfast – Bagels

Not everyone enjoys having a bowl of cereal, granola, porridge, or anything else for that matter. If a slice of bread is not cutting it, a bagel is a more ideal choice for a lot of people at breakfast. It is another great source of carbohydrates, and it is easy to put other tasty options on the bagel as well.

Bagels come in a variety of flavors by themselves that do not need any enhancements overall. Others believe that a bagel can’t be consumed without having cream cheese on it.

This is a matter of personal preference, but make sure that the bagel is not ruined by putting something too badly for the person’s body on it. It is one thing to be satisfied, but if it does not sit well to stomach, it could provide some problems.

Eating a Healthy Pre-Cycling Breakfast

It does not need to be anything too fancy, but eating breakfast before going on a long ride is essential. There are way too many people who try to do things on an empty stomach, which ultimately is not going to be the best way to go.

It is very frustrating to be in the middle of a ride, feel like a person is out with energy, and not having any food source insight. Not only can it be a little uncomfortable, but there is a chance of injury if energy levels drop too low.

Start everything off with a balanced diet, and do not be afraid to switch things up here and there until something specific is found that works.

There are so many choices out there, and the foods above are great starting points. It does not all have to be geared towards making sure that a person is perfectly ready for a ride, but it helps in so many ways.

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