Most Powerful Fat Bike Conversion Kit – I Have the Answer!

There are a lot of advantages to having an electric conversion kit for any bike. This allows for a bit more flexibility on where the bike can be used, and it is much less to buy a conversion kit instead of a brand new e-bike.

With that said, not all fat bike kit options work in the same way. People who are wanting to add some power need to find something that is affordable, speeds things up quickly, and is easy to set up for someone who is doing a conversion for the first time.

While there are numerous options out there for anyone who does a simple search, the best overall seems to be from a company called EBIKELING.

EBIKELING offer’s a few different styles of 26-inch fat bike tires for the front and the rear. It is overall the most powerful fat bike conversion kit on the market right now. This is why it stands out from the competition, and should be the first choice for every shopper out there.

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9 Reasons Why EBIKELING Has the Most Powerful E-Bike Conversion Kit

Everything in One Box

When ordering a kit like this online, there are times in which people need to then buy other products to help with the conversion. Every single component needed is shipped, save for the battery and tire. This is all about relative simplicity when putting together a conversion kit. The more things a person needs to purchase on their own, the more complicated it becomes.

The components provided are all top of the line as well. This is excellent news for any consumer worried that putting an electric tire on using a conversion kit compromises safety. As long as the instructions are followed, everything works as it should.

Ease of Installation

It should not take too long with today’s technology to install a new electric tire to use. Sure, there are more complications when installing a tire with electrical parts, but even those who have no experience whatsoever should be able to do it in about an hour. This is considering work on the rear, as it is a bit more complicated than putting on a front tire.

If a person does feel like they need help, most local bike shops will be able to help out for a pretty low price. The good news is that the company spends time on making sure that this is a pretty user-friendly option for those who do not want to pay for that extra expense.

Takes All Original Tires

Credit – Ebikeling

People do not want to have a complicated process of installing an electric bicycle conversion kit. The best way to avoid that is to except all original tires on the rim a person could ask for. Just make sure to pay attention to the size and the style before ordering. They offer a bunch of different options for anyone out there who needs something specific.

Fat bike tires are very complicated for people who are not familiar with them initially. Do not go off the advice of other bike riders, because it can be very frustrating. The rim needs to be able to support something that is big, and that is why they develop conversion kits specifically for fat bike tires.

Speeds Up to 30 MPH

Some conversion kits have a limit on just how fast they go. This can be a little problematic for people who want to test the limits on and off road. A person will never complain about the power provided by this wheel, and getting a heavy bike up to 30 MPH is undoubtedly impressive.

How exactly do they pull it off? It comes with a 1200 W motor and a 30 amp controller. People do not have to worry about too much when it comes to getting the right speed. It has excellent pick up, and even the ability to have cruise control if a person feels like doing minimal peddling.

Controlling the bike at lower speeds is easy as well. It works in a lot of ways like a typical scooter or motorcycle. It does not jump up in speed too much, so that is always a positive for those starting out using it for the first time.


Unlike conversion kits for other types of bikes, there is something to be said for getting one that is specific for a fat bike. Some fat bike owners are generally looking for something a little bit different than every other type of rider out there. It is important to get something that works, and works consistently with this type of riding.

Not only does the bike last a long time with a battery, but it can power through some tricky situations. Getting that extra bit of boost to get up hills or through other treacherous locations is certainly huge.

LCD or LED Display

Ebikeling Led Display

For just around $50 more, a person can upgrade to the LCD display. This comes in handy, mainly because it offers a look at battery percentage, speed, distance, wattage, PAS levels, headlight switch, and even error codes to help with understanding what exactly went wrong at times. The LED display does not help nearly as much, so a lot of people like that upgrade.

The majority of people ultimately decide to trust the LCD display, and it adds some life to the conversion kit. It might not have all the most in-depth information possible, but it certainly helps out a lot to stay on top of everything.

A Pedal Assist Sensor that Works

One of the more frustrating things about any type of electric bike conversion kit is that they do not always work as expected. Some of the pedal assistance helps too much, while others do not help enough. A person usually wants to continue riding their fat bike, not just treat it like a fully motorized vehicle.

The sensors really help out with reading just what the person operating wants. It uses advanced technology that is usually only reserved for electric bikes that cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

Three-Month Warranty

Ebikeling fat bike conversion kit – Credit – Ebikeling

Maybe some people would like to have a longer warranty than this for a conversion kit, but this is better than just about every other option out there. A person can ride on this every day and get a feel for how it works, and the company covers everything.

If anything goes wrong in or out of warranty, they offer technical support around the clock, and even refund or replacement if something else happens. They handle everything on a case by case basis, and they really seem to stand behind their product the entire time.

This is certainly not a case of paying for something, and then not really getting anything in return. They want to make sure that every customer they work with has a positive overall experience with the company so that they continue to grow in the community. Without customers feeling satisfied, it will lead to stunted growth.

Handles All Type of Weather

A fat bike rider definitely needs to make sure that any type of tire they use is going to hold up on their daily routines. If a tire is not able to live up to expectations, it is going to have a hard time making things work for certain riders.

It is very important to riders that all the components can hold up and very tough conditions. People do not want to have any restrictions whatsoever when riding a fat bike, so that means going in mud, snow, very low temperatures, and more.

Everything holds up great with this tire, as all the important parts are fully covered for the most amount of protection. Someone would think that adding this much protection to components would make this pretty heavy.

The good news is that the entire motor wheel weight is only 15.8 pounds. It is going to make the fat bike a little heavier, but considering a person gets a boost in power, they are not going to complain too much.

Other Great Fat Bike Conversion Kits to Consider?

While this is the best overall, there are plenty of other options out there that vary in price. For example, one solid option is the NBpower 48 v 1500 W fat bike kit. It has great reviews online and works in a lot of similar ways. It is a bit more expensive, which is why it does not get the title as the best of the best.

For a cheaper option, a few companies have conversion kits that are around $200. Just be aware that not only do the components take a hit, but the extra features such as the LCD display are also no longer there.

In the grand scheme of things, spending a few hundred dollars on a conversion kit for a fat bike tire is a lot better than having to spend so much more on an entirely new bike. This is ultimately what leads people to make the decision and sticking with the bike that they are most familiar with at this time.

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  1. A lot of work to convert a fat tire trike
    To electric power . Is it worth the effort ?
    Sorry my name is Dave not sure I want
    To do it . Will ask bike shops for there option as well. I have MS and lost my balance want 3 wheels.

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