14 Best Downhill Bike Parks In The World! 2021

For any type of mountain bike riding, there are plenty of destinations for people to head to if they want a challenge. Downhill can be extremely challenging, especially if the right trails are found and enjoyed.

To get the most out of a downhill biking destination, there must be steep slopes and challenging riding overall. The more people think about where to find this type of riding, the more it makes sense that locations might be more prevalent than some realize.

The truth of the matter is, most of the top downhill mountain biking trails double as ski resorts in the winter. It makes sense, as riders have the opportunity to use some form of transportation to get back up to the top, only to focus on picking up high speeds, jumping, dropping, and pushing the limits while going downhill.

The hilly and mountainous regions around the world offer some outstanding trails for people to explore if they want. Where are the best places to take a trip for downhill mountain biking? No matter what a person lives in the world, there are places nearby that are worthy of a trip.

1. Whistler, Canada

The most notable spot in this part of Canada is Whistler Bike Park in the area, as it provides over 80 kilometers of downhill trails for riders to tackle at any time. There are several different trails of varying challenges, and a person can go on as long or as short of a ride as they wish.

Those who really want challenged with downhill riding will certainly find a few options out there. The good thing is that if a person is coming from a faraway place, they will not get bored after a day or two.

A person could easily spend a week here and not come close to touching all the different trails available. It is an excellent getaway for anyone who lives in Canada, and some international riders will make the trek as well.

2. Kicking Horse, Canada

Mountain bike riders have long made the trip to British Columbia if they are in Canada. So many different opportunities are available in one area, but on the eastern harbor is a place called Kicking Horse.

It is pretty empty up there, which is good news for people who want to feel isolated on a longer ride. The empty feeling has allowed people to go a little faster and do things on their own terms as well, which is always a plus.

Maybe the spot will not be so lightly packed in the future, especially if more people learn about everything they have to offer.

However, so many people are taking the time to make the journey even if they live nowhere near. It is that much of a difference compared to other networks a trail, which is highly convincing.

3. Mont Sainte-Anne, Quebec

Eastern Canada might not have the same amount of options as other locations in North America, but Mont Sainte-Anne is really turning into a must-see destination. They have a lot of dedicated downhill trails that people can explore, as well as cross country trails to see this part of the world.

Quebec, in general, is very slept on for people who want to go outdoors. The weather might not always be the greatest, but there are some unique opportunities to see a different location and push a rider as much as possible.

Like a lot of these locations, they have done enough work to make it inviting for people who are just starting out as well.

While the better riders always want to be as challenged as possible, it is that extra bit of effort to make it family-friendly that is allowing the area to grow with downhill riders.

4. Alyeska, Alaska

Those who do not live or frequently visit Alaska might not understand that there is some pretty nice weather to go on long downhill biking rides in the state.

They continue to make improvements in the area, now offering several different lists so that people can keep moving and writing as they want.

The future is now brighter than ever in Alyeska. It is definitely a spot to keep in mind. There is a lot of potential in Alaska for downhill riding, as they have natural resources to make themselves a major player.

The only problem is that it is pretty hard to get to for the best majority of people, but those looking for a longer trip to see the state might think it is worth it.

5. Killington, Vermont

Vermont is known more for fat bike riding more than mountain biking these days, but it does not mean that downhill riders can’t find some enjoyment as well. In Killington, there are a lot of options for biking with a lift provided.

The weather can be a little harsh in this part of the country, but it is worth it for people to make a trip and see all that they have to offer.

During certain times a year, it is one of the most popular places to ride. There are plenty of challenges for people who want to push themselves as well.

The elevation jumps up in a hurry on certain trails, and a person can graduate to the more challenging options once they give everything to try.

All in all, Killington is starting to gain traction for downhill riders looking for a new type of challenge on the East Coast.

6. Angel Fire, New Mexico

With pretty nice weather all around the year, Angel Fire is really starting to take off as an alternative destination for people who do not want to head to Colorado to enjoy the Rockies.

It is much different than Colorado, as people are going to notice the desert trails and looser dirt overall. This gives people a chance to explore a different part of the country, and also quench their thirst for a new type of challenge.

Angel Fire has a lot of different trails, with the most popular one being Chutes and Ladders. They have turned this area into a nice tourist destination for people to check out.

This might not be the most popular spot just yet, which makes it perfect for people who just want to go somewhere new and not be bothered by everyone else.

7. Mammoth, California

There is a little bit of everything for mountain bike riders in California. While some scenic rides have very little elevation closer to the coast, go into the state a bit and see some of the top options available.

Mammoth Bike Park might be the top destination in the state, as there are challenges from a length and height perspective.

What keeps people coming back is that Mammoth is very dedicated to creating new opportunities for riders every single year.

There are new trails at it all the time, and additional challenges to make sure that no one gets bored. They also take the time to maintain it properly, and there is lift access during all times of the year.

Another positive regarding Mammoth Bike Park is that there is pretty good weather 12 months of the year.

Those who want to do downhill biking during non-peak times each year could benefit from making the trip. It is a little far for some to get all the way to the West Coast, but keep it on the list as a possible option.

8. Trestle Park, Colorado

If this location sounds a little familiar, it is because it is the Winter Park Ski Resort during the winter months. It has easily turned into one of the hotspots for mountain bike riding of all types, but downhill riders particularly love Trestle Park and everything that it offers.

With a build perfect for families, those looking to really push limits, and anyone in between, this can be a new place to congregate on the western part of United States.

People in Colorado can’t seem to get enough about riding and challenging themselves in different ways, and this is perfect for people who want to focus on going downhill and downhill only.

It is becoming such a hotbed for downhill riding that the Colorado Free Ride Festival is now held every single year. Do not be surprised if it becomes the number one ranked option for people in United States in the near future.

9. Nevis Range, Scotland

People in the United Kingdom flock to Scotland for the best downhill riding options available. Nevis Range Bike Park might be the best of the best, as it provides quite a bit of challenge for people who want to ride like a pro.

It is definitely for the more seasoned riders, although they have some more laid-back options for people just getting into it as well.

The good thing about visiting Nevis Range Bike Park is that it is very well-kept together and has a steep tradition in the sport.

There are a lot of new places popping up all over the world, but they have been doing this for quite a while and know what works.

Even though the terrain is extremely challenging, it is something that will not be too overwhelming for the vast majority of people.

10. Queenstown, New Zealand

There are a lot of reasons to visit Queenstown, and people who like mountain bike riding are certainly taking advantage.

New Zealand is a bit of a trip for quite a few people, but those who live in the country have really gravitated towards making time to visit the area. They now have over 30 trails, covering all levels and giving even the best riders a challenge.

One of the best features about Skyline in Queenstown is that everything is so natural. Riders will come from all over the world to get a special type of challenge, as it is hard to find something like this anywhere else in the world.

It also helps during those winter months when a lot of people in the northern hemisphere are finding it a struggle to ride. New Zealand has beautiful weather during that time of year, and can be a perfect destination for those capable of making it.

11. Austria

It is hard to pick one specific location in Austria that is the best of the best, but the area of Saalbach, Hinterglemm, Leogang, and Fieberbrunn are definitely great for mountain bike enthusiasts to get together.

The country is known for having an extensive amount of mountains, and this region, in particular, is perfect for downhill riding.

When they decided that it was time to put downhill tracks down, they took the time to do things right. It is now an excellent bike park overall, and worth a visit for anyone who can get there.

It is pretty easily accessible for most people in Europe, and people can make a few days out of the trip without question. Given that there are so many other places to explore while visiting, there is no reason to overlook this option.

12. Bike Park Wales, Wales

If Scotland does not do the trick, Bike Park Wales is another great location for people to put on their list. It is open 12 months out of the year, which is hard to find in the United Kingdom for the most part.

Even though some of the times the weather is not the best, there are still some outstanding downhill riding opportunities to take advantage of.

The setting for Bike Park Wales is also a bit unique compared to anywhere else in the world. It sticks mostly to woodlands, but some pro setups have some great views as well.

A person can certainly get the challenge they are looking for, but those who want to try things out and see where it goes will be just fine as well.

13. Fuji Panorama, Japan

It is hard to find too many downhill bike parks in Japan, especially when people are exploring the major cities.

There are some great mountain ranges in the country, and the sports starting to catch on as well. Utilizing winter ski resorts during the off months, the best of the best right now is Fuji panorama.

It just takes a short ride from Tokyo to get to this beautiful part of the country. Once there, there are a lot of ways to get involved in a sport.

Even if a person is a beginner and just looking for a way to enjoy the outdoors, they can do exactly that during the warmer months.

If a person plans on visiting Japan in the winter, the ski resort is also outstanding in this part of the country.

Make sure to bring a little bit of money since it can get expensive due to popularity, but most are going to be very satisfied with getting a chance to ride in a unique part of the world.

14. Nevados, Chile

South Americans already know this, but the rest the world might not quite understand just how great mountain biking can be in certain parts of South America.

It relies on a lot of natural beauty to build a few tracks that really stand out. At Nevada de Chillan Bike Park, this is a ski resort and downhill bike trail that people love.

It has been open for over ten years now, and it is the host of a few different international competitions throughout the year.

What a lot of competitive riders love about this area is that they can really be challenged without these challenges being put together artificially.

They are way too many areas that seem focused on building out something extravagant but not all the way natural. They try to keep things natural as possible, which should always be commended.

Advantages of Going on Downhill Bike Riding Trips?

A lot of people have been traveling with their bike to different parts of the world for quite some time. Some like to incorporate bike riding in some way to their vacation, and downhill biking can be one way to do it.

Unlike other riding opportunities, downhill biking is not exactly about and getting from point A to point B. This is more about a challenge and a thrill that some people want to face in a different part of the world, and it does not take that much effort to set something up.

Finding a Spot With Other Intriguing Factors

A trip solely for downhill biking is something that makes sense for shorter opportunities, but a long trip also needs to have other activities attached to it.

Try to find a location that is intriguing for a number of reasons. This can be anything from going outside and seeing other parts of the world, or wanting to be near a popular city.

Bringing a Bike From Home or Renting Once There?

A major dilemma for a lot of riding enthusiasts is trying to determine whether or not they should use their bike from home, or rent one once there.

It is effortless to travel without a bike, and renting is becoming more affordable than ever before. Those who do not have a bike specifically designed for downhill riding might feel like it is completely necessary to go ahead and rent an option once they arrive.

Others do not want to pay that added expense, so they do the economical thing and bring bikes with them. Professionals almost always bring their own bikes, because they want the familiarity of riding what they have customized to their liking.

The good news is there for people who get spur of the moment ideas to go downhill riding while on vacation, they can take advantage of a growing number of rental companies.

They can get a bit expensive when people start comparing prices, but it is worth it for those who want to explore.

A New Way to Explore

One of the most incredible things about getting on a mountain bike and riding the trails is that a person gets to see a different part of the world from a unique angle.

This is not a vacation that the typical person gets to take in, because most of the trails offer views that can’t be found in a car.

The only way to get to certain areas is to ride, and downhill riding offers some great opportunities from high above.


Finally, a lot of people want to get a certain level of thrill while they are traveling to a different part of the country.

If a bike park is now on specifically for offering great thrills and a challenging course, people will take it as a challenge. It can be extremely fun to try different courses out, and then later say that it was conquered.

Why Traveling For Downhill Bike Riding Makes Sense

As the sport continues to grow, and more people are looking for enjoyable things to do in different parts of the world, downhill biking is really starting to take off.

More areas are putting in the extra effort to make sure that their trails are looking nice, the lifts are working as they should, and people have a great time overall.

Another great bonus is that a lot of places are starting to pop up that are near other touristy things to do. No one has to go to the middle of nowhere to enjoy some time riding downhill.

Even if a person has never gone downhill right in the past, they can get a feel for how things work in a short amount of time.

All in all, it might not always dictate where a person tends to go when they do travel, but it is something to consider if it seems like a fun thing to do.

There are certainly less exciting things to do while traveling, and people should always try to incorporate something they are passionate about when they go to different areas.

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