Best Pedals For a Fat Bike – Top 5 for 2022

Having a good set of pedals for a fat bike can make a pretty big difference in performance. If there is one thing a person does not want to have happened when they are riding, it is losing grip in the footing area. Even worse, a pedal break can ruin a ride and put someone in danger.

Most people are going to opt for a pretty wide platform to use as a pedal when riding a fat bike. It allows for a decent amount of freedom, and different foot placement from time to time.

Every new fat bike is going to come with basic, entry-level pedals, or no pedals at all. This means people can upgrade for a better experience, or stick with something for free.

The good news is that getting a quality set of pedals really does not cost that much money at all. It is an affordable upgrade that more people should consider in the end.

1. RockBros MTB Pedals Mountain Bike Pedals

As the only company to get two different pedals featured in this article, there is no doubt that Rock Bros is doing something right in the industry. They have some fantastic pedal options for people who ride fat bikes on any type of terrain.

There isn’t anything too flashy or special about these pedals, except for the fact that they are durable and provide amazing grip. Sometimes, functionality is the only thing that matters with pedals. These are made of very rugged nylon fiber, offering shock absorption, corrosion resistance, and more.

The platform is 4.1” wide, which is plenty for both men and women. The pedals also weight just .8 pounds, keeping a fat bike as sleek as possible. With five colors to choose from, a person can get the exact look to match their fat bike.


  • Very affordable
  • Wide platform for secure foot placement
  • Nylon fiber is built to last


  • Collects dirt and grime a bit too easily in some set ups
  • Not everyone is a fan of engineered plastic

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2. RaceFace Chester Mountain Bike Pedal

RaceFace has a few different pedals to choose from, but their Chester option might be the best of them all. It is made up of a nylon composite body that is very lightweight, offering a performance-level solution for anyone looking to upgrade.

The bearing and bushing system with this pedal is second to none. That is the reason why it costs a little bit more than some of the others on this list, but most people can get behind something that performs well in any type of condition.

From a grip perspective, they do pretty well on different types of terrain. They have some of the longest pins available in their pedals, and that helps people really lock-in.

Keep in mind that they are long and also a little sharp, so wear proper shoes that won’t be damaged and won’t allow a person to feel any of the sharpness when they are pushing down. Otherwise, these could prove to be painful when riding.


  • Lightweight and built for speed
  • Long pins for extra grip
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Pins will tear up certain shoes
  • Bumps can sometimes make riding difficult

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3. RockBros Bike Pedals

Instead of relying on nylon fiber, people might want an aluminum alloy material used for their pedals. This makes for a very stable and durable option that smooths out the ride as well. It is incredible to some just how much shock is sent through the pedals when riding, but it is greatly reduced with these installed.

Coming in at just slightly smaller than the nylon fiber option talked about above, the platform looks a bit more professional overall. Thanks to the material used, it does not need to be as thick as the engineered plastic. It also helps to enhance grip with the skid nail helping quite a bit.

It cost a little bit more to go with aluminum alloy over nylon fiber, but many feel like it is worth the upgrade. They stay strong and have fewer random breaks, and they support a little more weight as well. It is one great solution for people looking for the first set of pedals, or to upgrade from an existing set.


  • Sleek and lightweight
  • Very stable build
  • Aluminum alloy material is strong


  • Cost a little more than other options from Rock a row
  • Pins fall out a little too easily

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4. FOOKER MTB Pedals

They might not produce the flashiest pedals out there, but many swear by the nylon fiber options from Fooker. Their platform pedals work on many different types of bikes, and fat bike riders love that their feet can stay pretty much locked in throughout the entire ride.

As one of the most affordable pedal solutions, they stand up against all the other competitors from a durability perspective. The nylon fiber works very well with even heavier riders, and the anti-skid nails stay in place well.

They come with additional options, but they remain in place much better than a lot of the competition. Some might not end up needing the spares.

Even though the company keeps things pretty simple, they have the most color options out there.

Some will try to find the exact match to their bike, while others might try to add a little bit of variety to a rather basic bike. For example, adding a bright color to a black bike might be just what a person wants to show some in individuality.

It’s tough to find people saying bad things about this pedal. Those who raise for a living use this exact pedal quite a bit, and they love it.


  • Inexpensive
  • A wide range of colors
  • Nails do not fall out


  • Design is a bit boring
  • Not quite as large of a platform as other companies

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5. Shimano XT PD-M8040 Pedals

Find a fat bike, or any bike for that matter, with Shimano components, and chances are it is going to be valued very highly. The same could be said for pedals from the company. Shimano is building itself up as a true leader in many different ways, and their pedals are no different.

It is going to cost a little bit more money to invest in the Shimano pedals compared to the other options out there, but most people believe it is worth the upgrade. For starters, they are built to last for a long time. As long as there are no major accidents, there’s a chance of these pedals will last as long as the fat bike itself.

They also have the look and feel of a premium option that so many people desire when it comes to writing a fat bike. Some pedals just look rather cheap, but these show off a bit as not only functional but truly sensational.

Pins are removable with this pedal in case they need replacing. Riders can expect a lightweight, aerodynamic option that is hard to explain without getting a chance to test it out. Shimano charges a premium, but it remains one of the top choices.


  • Name-brand recognition
  • Sleek design
  • Shows little sign of wear even after steady use


  • Expensive
  • Smaller platform

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Are All Fat Bike Pedals Flat?

The two main types of pedals for any kind of bike is either clipless or flat. As one can see with the list above, all of the options are flat pedals.

There is a reason for that when it comes to riding a fat bike. Clipless pedals just do not make a lot of sense due to the nature of riding a fat bike on uneven terrain.

For people to feel comfortable on the bike, they need to have the ability to jump off and regroup from time to time. That takes a lot of time and effort with clipless pedals. Learning how to do this can be a problem, and unless there are serious time limits, there’s no reason to go as fast as possible.

Most people who use clipless pedals do so to have an efficient pedal each time. Unless a person is in a contest or race, there really isn’t much of a need to do that with fat bike riding.

Another thing to consider is that when using clip list pedals, people must be wearing specific shoes (Old Man Winter Review). That means if the temperatures are frigid and there is a lot of snow on the ground, there’s no way to wear traditional winter boots. Flat pedals are going to work with any type of shoe, so it just comes in handy much more.

Is It Really Necessary to Upgrade Pedals?

One reason why people upgrade pedals so frequently is that it is a very inexpensive way to enhance the bike. Not only is a fat bike going to provide great traction, but a foot should never slip either. By going with a pedal that works, people feel very confident at all times when they are riding around.

For casual riders, they might not notice as much of a difference. The more complicated the fat bike riding is, the more of an impact the pedals make.

Relying on Pedals When they Matter Most

An upgrade in fat bike pedals might not seem necessary at first, but all it takes is one tough situation to really see the reason why they are so popular.

All of these options are very inexpensive, and it is a way to enhance the bike significantly. If there are any issues with the current pedals, it is a no brainer to fix them as well.

Even on the high end, pedals are pretty easy to upgrade. They are also easy to install, so a person can do all the shopping online instead of having to settle for local bike shop prices. It is usually the best way to go for not only prices, but selection.

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