4 Best Gravel Bike Tires For Mud

Shopping for a gravel bike? Chances are it means that a person wants to ride on many different types of terrain. Think of a gravel bike as more than a name, and instead, a layout as far as the bike is concerned.

That means that for some people, a tire that helps navigate through mud is what is needed. If the average type of riding is going to be through muddy waters, it makes sense to invest in better tires that can handle this type of riding in general. What are some of the best tires out there for this riding?

Ultimately, having some specific characteristics that help with mud is undoubtedly beneficial. They also need to be well-rounded tires so that a person is prepared for anything when they are on longer trips. Most people on gravel bikes are not only going to be riding in the mud the entire time.

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Top 10 Gravel Bike Tires For Gravel and Road!

1. Teravail Rutland

Teravail Rutland

The Teravail Rutland gravel bike tire (Amazon) has one of the best overall grips a person can find when it comes to gravel bikes. It has traction that is able to handle just about any situation, including mud that gets pretty deep.

What people notice right away is that it is very grippy because of the way the tread pattern is laid out. Not only will people find it very easy to go in straight lines, but having very dependable angular shoulder blocks can help with angles without having to take any precautions. In a lot of ways, gravel bike riders can ride in the mud without having to worry about any issues whatsoever.

The tires work when they should, and they also are very respondent when a person has to make a sudden stop or change in direction. The grip helps with that some, but so does the overall build of the tires in general. So many people are going to be very satisfied with how it is set up from beginning to end.

On top of everything else that the tire provides, those who need to go on the road occasionally will notice that it does an excellent job of picking up speed on flat surfaces as well. There is a little bit of drag, but nothing that causes too much of an issue. It is also a very quiet ride, meaning that people do not have to only use these tires on mud.


  • Excellent traction for muddy conditions.
  • Does a great job with cornering thanks to stable shoulders.
  • Handle flat surfaces surprisingly well.


  • Making it tubeless costs extra money.
  • Riding on other surfaces takes some minor adjustments.

2. Schwalbe X-One Allround

Schwalbe X-One Allround

One of the best all-around off-road gravel bike tires is the Schwalbe X-One Allround (Amazon). It is available in a tubeless option so that people can have a little bit more comfort, and the grip can handle many different situations as well.

Not a lot of gravel bikes do as great of a job in the mud as this one, which certainly makes people feel confident every single time they go out on the bike.

The spacing of the trade allows for plenty of grip, while fighting off mud taking onto the tire. This is important for anybody who rides for long distances in the mud because even the best tires can be compromised if they are collecting mud at every turn.

The stability with turns is also very impressive, and part of that does come down to having a tubeless setup. It is a bit of a more comfortable ride overall, and that can allow for a smoother transition when trying to corner or make even a gradual turn.

The tire build itself is nothing too fancy, and it is one of the more affordable options for tackling the mud. As the name implies, this is a tire that also does a very good job on other surfaces as well.

Some people will use this as a tire for all types of riding, at all different times of the year. It is durable enough that it can hold up well on just about anything, so do not be afraid to invest in a set to try them out thoroughly. Whether it is wet or dry outside, the grip will be there.


  • An affordable tire that handles mud well.
  • Cornering and overall precision are sharp.
  • Handles many different types of conditions.


  • Tubeless tire set up is not for everyone.
  • Comes off as a little basic color and design-wise.

3. Kenda Cholla Pro

Kenda Cholla Pro

Another tubeless-ready tire option for gravel bike riders is the Kenda Cholla Pro (Amazon). It is marketed as a tire that loves handling the mud, and it lives up to expectations as soon as a person ends up trying it out. Designed for skinnier framed bikes, really comes in handy for those who want a new type of challenge.

Most people think of tackling muddy conditions with a pretty wide bike tire overall. While it does help at times to spread things out, having the right tread on a gravel bike tire like this one can search beneficial.

It has a squared-off tread that is spaced out enough that mud will not pack in between everything. This means carving through the mud with relative ease, and when riders are done, it barely seems like they were in tough muddy conditions.

It is important to make sure that the tire is going in the right direction, as the arrows must be pointing forward down the middle. When everything is set up correctly, and it is used with tubeless setup, people can float over a lot of tough terrains without having to put into much effort.

Affordably priced and ready for other services as well, it is definitely a version worth looking into. Make sure that they have the right size for consistent use, and everyone should be good to go.


  • The tread pattern provides easy navigation through muddy conditions.
  • Works for skinnier bikes.
  • Tubeless-ready.


  • Tire loses effectiveness if not installed properly.
  • Tread wears down a little more quickly than one would like.

4. Panaracer GravelKing Mud Tires

The Panaracer GravelKing Mud Tires


Panaracer makes a lot of different tires for gravel bikes, and the GravelKing Mud Tire (Amazon) is their first option specifically for mud. It should be no surprise that this makes the list, and many people were eager to try it out when they first launched this option.

It is safe to say that it definitely lives up to expectations, as people are able to carve through mud in a unique way while still having all the benefits of a gravel bike.

In many ways, it performs as well or even better than a mountain bike built for mud, which is a lot for something on skinnier tires.

The weight is a little heavier than most other options, but many are not going to notice the subtle difference. They are going to see more benefits from the fact that it is capable of being so heavy-duty, which also means not having to deal with any type of flats or holes in the tire as well.

So many people run the rest of having that happen with tough terrains out there, but this will not be an issue.


  • Designed specifically for mud
  • Tubeless opportunity helps smooth out the ride
  • Also works out other surfaces


  • A little heavy.
  • Might not be the most well-rounded gravel bike tire out there.

Qualities That Makes for a Good Gravel Bike Tire In The Mud?

To ride comfortably in the mud, people need to have tires that are able to handle the unpredictability of what lies ahead.

That includes the tread format, as well as the rubber used on the tire throughout. Even the outer casing surface makes a big difference.


For a gravel bike tire to be successful in the mud, it needs to have the right type of tread. Look for big shorter blocks that help with cornering and provide overall a good amount of stability.

The last thing a person wants to do is feel like they are slipping in the mud, as it can lead to a lot of disasters.

Proper Tire Materials

Most gravel bike tires are going to be versatile enough to go on many different surfaces. This makes it less of an issue when searching for tires that are specific for the mud.

They are almost always going to use the right type of rubber formula so that everything stays dry and performing at a high-level. Having a special type of coating on the tire also helps, as well as what the casing is actually made out of.

If everything is formulated the right way, it is going to force the mud off the tire pretty quickly. If a tire starts to build up with a lot of mud on it, it is going to be a disastrous situation for everyone involved.

No one wants to be in a situation like this by any means, which is why so many people will spend on a mud tire option if they are spending a lot of time riding that way.


Most bike riders are looking for something that is pretty lightweight as far as tires are concerned, as it helps with overall performance.

However, going to light with a tire and going in the mud can be counterintuitive. It is going to not hold up well when mud starts to build up, and it could leave a person in an uncomfortable situation.

The tires do not have to be super heavy, but they are usually a bit more heavy-duty than the typical option for a gravel bike. This is nothing to be too worried about, as overall it makes a lot of sense in the end.


In the end, you won’t be disappointed with whichever gravel bike mud tires you chose on this list.

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