8 Best Winter Cycling Destinations, USA & Canada 2021

Cycling during all times of the year can be a very enjoyable experience. The problem is, most do not have a location where they can pull this off that is nearby. The good news is that somewhere in the United States and Canada, there is great weather and great trails for people to explore 12 months of the year.

What are the top winter cycling destinations out there? Most of them are found in warm weather cities overall, but there are people who enjoy a colder ride and are not afraid to risk the elements a bit.

Once a person gets going on their bike, it can start to warm up considerably, making them forget all about not feeling particularly comfortable.

Austin, Texas

 There are a lot of great places to check out in the state of Texas, but Austin might be the one place that takes cycling the most seriously. It is known as one of the fittest cities in the United States, and mild weather throughout the year makes it a top winter destination to ride.

Yes, there might be an occasional snowfall and some cooler temperatures, but it is warm most months out of the year. People can bundle up and take care of a pretty intense bike ride without ever having to go on an actual road.

They have a very in-depth network of trails, and people can take advantage of different types of bike riding as well if that is what they want to do.

The terrain in Austin is pretty challenging, which is another perfect aspect of heading there for a cycling destination. There is a good amount of inclines that will push people to take their ride into another level. The fact that they take very good care of the trails also plays a role.

Finally, awesome as a city is one of the most enjoyable locations in the United States for people who have never been. It is a little bit different from just about any other city, and it is one of the fastest-growing as well.

No matter what a person is into, they can have a lot of fun either on the bike or after a ride taking in one of the numerous activities in the area.

San Diego, California

The weather is beautiful in most of Southern California throughout the year, but San Diego takes the claim as the nicest of them all.

Not only is it a very nice look in general, but it is a city that takes cycling very seriously. A lot of people who enjoy the sport actually attempt to relocate to this area because of the opportunity to ride different trails at different times of the year and really push themselves to another level.

San Diego is the western start of the southern tier bike route, which is talked about a little bit more below. There is also a lot of trails within the city that people can utilize to make a day of things.

Whether it is a very serious rider trying to get as many miles in as possible, or those who are looking for a more relaxed, vacation-like atmosphere, there is something for everyone.

The only real negative of San Diego is that it is a bit expensive. Expect to spend a little bit more money while in San Diego and having an enjoyable vacation in a new destination. It should not be too much of a hindrance, but there is a bit of a premium for all of this nice weather.

Orlando, Florida

There is more to do in Orlando than just the theme parks. In fact, they have built themselves into one of the better spots for people who want to go out and get a good workout in.

With very good weather during the winter months, there are very few days people are unable to go out there and do what they want.

The great thing about Orlando is that they are expanding more and more to accommodate the growing number of people who enjoy riding their bike each and every day.

If a person is in Central Florida, they can actually plan out a trip that takes them from coast to coast in the state.

It does involve going off trails a bit and on actual roads, but it is perfectly doable in a day. Most people will opt to start on the East Coast to see the sunrise, and then make it for sunset on the West Coast.

It does get very hot in the summer, and humidity can make it a pretty tough ride overall. With that said, the winter is where people really get a lot out of Florida in general. It makes perfect sense to head there when everyone else is receiving snow.

All the Florida cities seem to be a lot more focused on making sure that they are a lot more well-rounded than some people realize.

Orlando might not have the beaches and that type of scenery that Miami, Tampa, and Jacksonville have, but trails are popping up all over to make people excited in the Sunshine State.

Denver, Colorado

What is a city that gets considerable snowfall doing on a list like this? It just goes to show how important cycling is in general to the community.

People are very dedicated during the winter months, and they maximize their chances of going out and getting on the bike from time to time.

There will be some days where it is just impossible to ride and pound out miles, but there are so many other ways to enjoy riding in the city that a person can find a nice alternative.

Whether it is getting on a mountain bike, a fat bike, or a downhill bike, there is never an excuse to not be on two wheels.

Be ready for a challenging ride in a matter what time of the year it is, as there are a ton of mountains to tackle.

Not only that, but the altitude can be a little troublesome for some people to get used to it first, so do not try to push it too much if there are considerable breathing problems.

Denver is the perfect place to meet new people who are also into riding. This is a great way to pick the brain of others and maybe even meet a new friend or two. Having a traveling group to other cycling destinations is never a bad thing.

Tucson, Arizona

Not considered a huge city by any means, Tucson has carved out a niche as a cycling haven for people who are looking to get to the southwestern part of the United States.

It has extremely warm temperatures during the winter, which makes it perfect for those who do not want to have to bundle up in order to enjoy the ride. The dry air and unique terrain also makes it a destination worth checking out.

Those unfamiliar with riding in Arizona will notice that it is a little bit different from just about any other part of North America.

The trails are very clean overall, and while they might not be as picturesque as some other areas, they have their own type of beauty their people seem to enjoy.

This growing area is not too far from Phoenix, and people can ride all around Arizona and really get a feel for how the area is in general.

It becomes a little too much to handle during the heat of the day when it is summertime, but there are still cooler times 12 months out of the year for people to ride if they really want to.

Want to step away from cycling and do more of a mountain bike? Mount Lemmon is a perfect opportunity for those people who want to try a bunch of different things.

There is some great scenery around the area, and it is challenging enough for even the most seasoned riders. Just be aware that the temperature can change pretty drastically depending on the time of day, so make sure that layers are part of the plan.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Whether a person stays in Salt Lake City or ventures away to Park City, Utah is another colder location that people still can’t seem to stay away from in the winter months.

Cyclists do have to deal with snowfall from time to time, but there are other bicycle options available if a person really wants to get out there and ride.

It is very clear from an early time that Utah takes a lot of care when it comes to their trails. Riders from all over the world come to Utah because they love the fact that these trails are always clean, very laid-back, and people do not have to worry about ever feeling like the trails are too crowded.

There are a total of five national parks that are in Utah, and it is one of the hidden gems in the United States in general. About half the population lives in the greater Salt Lake City area, so this is the place to fly in and make the most of the trip.

Vancouver Island, Canada

Winter cycling can be a pretty big challenge for Canadians due to the weather. It is a bit of cheating, but switching to mountain or fat bike riding is probably the safest way to go for those who can’t get away from the country. If that’s the case, no one does winter riding better for all types of riders than Vancouver Island.

Every person has their own preference, but as far as destinations are concerned, people actually travel to Canada to take in Vancouver Island. Not only is it a beautiful location, but it provides some huge challenges so that people are always pushing their limits.

Riders can find themselves on just about any type of terrain on Vancouver Island. The people in the area put effort into making sure that the trails stay looking great and in as best shape as possible.

It is such a challenge that professional riders will do quite a bit of training in the area so that they are ready for the toughest races out there.

The best thing about Vancouver Island for those who are not crazy about snow is that there is always some snow-free locations just about every day in the winter.

That can’t be said too often for other areas in Canada, so it is a nice change of pace for people who are just getting a little bit frustrated with all of the snow on the ground.

Southern Tier Bike Route

A lot of areas already talked about are close to or even part of what is known as the southern tier bike route put together by the adventure cycling Association. It runs over 3000 miles and total, going from San Diego California to Saint Augustine Florida.

The vast majority of riders are obviously not going to go on this entire trip, but picking parts of the trail can allow people to see so much of the southern United States.

Since it is in the warmer climate, it is perfect for winter destinations so that people can enjoy themselves. In fact, he usually gets busier during the winter months, because it is a little bit cooler and manageable for people who are going for long distances.

The good news is that people who want to keep things a little shorter can break things up pretty well.

There are a lot of stretches that are around 400 to 500 miles long, and that’s great for those who want to do most there riding in a single day. There are also ways to do as little as 10 or 15 miles if a person wants to stick to that.

Handling Chillier Weather in the Winter

Even if a person is heading south to a warmer climate in the winter, there still is a chance that a ride ends up being a little chilly. In order to fight against those colder temperatures, it is important for people to keep a few tips in mind.

Layer up

Layer Up When The Cold Hits!

The worst mistake a person can make is not bringing enough layers with them for a long ride. Is the quickest way to put a stop to what could be a long ride, as he will start to get going and never warm up the way they are hoping to.

It is much easier to take layers off than to try to find something to put on. Remember that when moving around in the air when it is chilly, it actually becomes colder on the bike than it is just sitting around.

A person will eventually warm up as their body starts to get going, but it can be very chilly in the early stages of a ride in this type of weather.

Try to make sure to wear clothing that is easy to peel off when needed. That way, a person might not even have to stop for long in order to keep going. Some have perfected the art of taking layers off while still riding, although that can be challenging depending on the piece of clothing.

Pay Closer Attention to Bike Maintenance and Tire Pressure

Right Tire Pressure

Bike maintenance and tire pressure are a little more important in the winter months, as it may not be as noticeable if something goes wrong.

In particular, tire pressure seems to fluctuate a little bit more, so it is always crucial to fill up the tires before each ride and make sure that everything is working the way it should.

A person might not initially know that their bike is not working as it should, as sometimes the bike feels slow because of the weather.

Stick with a Familiar Bike

The winter is not the time to try out a brand new bike. There are so many other factors to consider, and the weather is not always ideal either.

Although it might be tempting since bikes can sometimes go on sale during the winter months, is best to try it out when the weather is perfect.

Most people who are taking advantage of these cycling destinations are gnocchi a chance to ride constantly back home. If that’s the case, it is particularly important to always use a bike that makes sense instead of trying something brand new.

Care for the Bike Properly

Cleaning Then Lube Bicycle Chain

It might not seem like that big of a deal once in a while, but not taking care of a bike properly can do some pre-long-term damage. No one wants to put themselves in a situation where their bike is not functioning because it was left outside, or not cleaned up for that matter.

Did a few things to make sure that the bike survives the winter months. In some scenarios, that means having to take care of minor maintenance issues that could become a serious problem left untouched.

In other scenarios, it is finding a new storage location so that the bike handles weird temperature changes that could impact the air pressure in the tires or the way that the bike reacts overall.

Why Riding Every Single Month of the Year Makes Sense

There are so many people out there who believe that cycling is only a warm-weather sport for the most part.

However, there are places in the United States and Canada where it is warm enough throughout the year to have some fun. Not only that, but people can have quite a bit of enjoyment if they decide to go riding

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