Global Fat Bike Day – All The FACTS 2021

December 5, 2020, is a special day for Fat Bike enthusiasts around the world, even if they might not know that much at this point. For the ninth year now, a special Global Fat Bike Day has grown into a bigger and bigger deal.

While it is likely not going to make an appearance on too many calendars or even resonate with most people, it allows fat bike enthusiasts to celebrate the best way they can.

The 2020 version of the holiday is a little bit different, as the holiday has tried to focus on putting together large groups of riders to take the trails and explore new areas if possible.

With social distancing still being a massive part of life due to the pandemic, the suggestion is to go on solo rides or with small groups at most. That does not mean that the fun has to ultimately come to a halt, as there are still plenty of ways to celebrate and enjoy a fun type of exercise enjoyed by man.

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How Global Fat Bike Day Began

The story goes that Global Fat Bike Day started as merely a grassroots holiday mostly talked about online. To this day, it is still an online holiday, but it has started to take off just like the sport. It is something that is enjoying a few different continents, and it does not even have to be cold to get out on the trails.

Even though the day started in Britain, a lot of popular locations in the United States and Canada are embracing the day as well. Some of the more popular trails are eager to talk about Global Fat Bike Day, as it helps bring attention to what they offer.

There is no ideal centralized get together for the day, and that will not happen in 2020 either. As the sport grows and the day goes along with it, there could be more events scheduled around this time of year.

Incorporating longer casual rides with races could put a singular location on the map.

Global Fat Bike Day on December 5, 2020

Global Fat Bike Day falls on the first Saturday of December every year since 2012. Saturdays are generally one of the most popular days for riding, and it allows people to go on slightly longer rides overall.

The weather obviously varies all over the world, but the areas where fat biking is particularly popular tend to be pretty chilly with perhaps some snow on the ground. This makes going on trails that much more enjoyable.

It has always been encouraged to use that weekend as a way to get out on a fat bike if someone is unable to ride on Saturdays due to prior obligations.

No one mistakes it for a super huge holiday, but more of a way to share experiences with others and maybe grow some awareness for the sport in general. Sometimes, people can only get a ride in on Fridays, while others will have to wait until Sunday to get a longer ride in.

Connecting Online On Global Fat Bike Day

There are fewer big events this year due to restrictions, but that does not mean that people can’t get out and enjoy in other ways. In fact, it is encouraged to connect online as much as possible during Global Fat Bike Day and help to grow the sport with multimedia.

One of the more unique aspects of riding a fat bike is getting a chance to go on so many different trails around the world. These trails are usually not explored by individuals unless they are on a fat bike, since they are off the beaten path. This opens up a unique opportunity to see plants and animals typically hidden from everyone else.

Video is also encouraged, as it can put people in the perspective of a rider to show all the challenges of riding on a fat bike. So many people do not quite understand what that bike riding is, and just how challenging it can be depending on the trail.

Video can show the changing terrain, the type of weather a person is dealing with, and so much more.

Finding “Local” Global Fat Bike Day Activities

More and more areas up until 2020 have put together their local Global Fat Bike Day meetups, but that is temporarily on hold for the most part. Even though riding a fat bike is an excellent way to get exercise while social distancing, riding groups can be a little more challenging.

At this point, it is best to stay tuned to local meetup groups in the fat bike community and specific cities. They might still be holding something this year, but it is likely challenging to do anything too big.

Social media will start to use a few different hashtags that surround the day, so keep an eye out for those as well. This is an excellent way to discover local events close by.

The Future Of Global FatBike Day

No one can truly predict the future, but expectations are that 2020 will be the only weird year for this holiday.

By next December, most are predicting that the world will be back to normal, and the events all around the globe can become a little more group-oriented like in the past. It is a challenging time for everyone right now, but many believe it is just a short setback.

For a growing sport like fat bike riding, it is incredibly frustrating that there are so many limitations right now. This would be another opportunity for many people to learn about the sport for the first time ever, and it is a little more limiting as far as group activities are concerned.

If there is one positive to posting pictures of videos of the sport online, it is that every part of riding is still possible with a decent amount of social distancing.

People can go on solo rides locally whenever they want, and even riding with people who are family or close friends can be much safer than other forms of exercise.

It is still early during the winter for North America, and seeing pictures and videos online could inspire people to dive into this new sport.

When the pandemic first started spreading, there was an increase in people buying exercise equipment and bikes in certain areas.

The problem is that biking has almost always felt connected to nice weather. Fat bike riding can be enjoyed during the winter months as well. It is too early to tell whether or not there will be any growth in the industry despite all the hurdles this year.

At some point, fat bike lovers would love to have a few huge meetups for fat bike riding on this special day. The more people see fat bikes out and about, the more popular they become.

There are still many people who know next to nothing about that type of bike riding, and they could get into it because they enjoy riding bikes and going on hikes anyway.

Why Is Fat Bike Riding Growing In Popularity?

Along with special days like Global Fat Bike Day, this activity is starting to grow worldwide for a variety of reasons. It is a relatively new form of getting exercise and exploring new areas, and people can take risks that they otherwise would not feel like taking under other circumstances.

Unlike road bikes or even traditional mountain bikes, fat bike riders can take advantage of a very sturdy set of tires with extremely low PSI.  This type of setup is excellent for a comfortable riding solution on any terrain. (Click link for Fat Bike Tire recommended PSI for different terrains)

Some people will go ahead and use their fat bike for daily commuting, while others will make sure that it is ready for riding on trails.

It truly is one of those bikes that can be used for just about anything, as some people genuinely enjoy having the biggest tire possible to add that extra bit of stability. It might look a little awkward in urban settings, but they are probably sufficient to use in that regard.

Another advantage of fat bike riding is that riders can find a way to challenge themselves 12 months out of the year. It is nearly impossible to ride other bikes in colder weather 12 months out of the year.

This can limit a person’s opportunity to work out and stay in shape during those tough months. All it takes is a few months off to see a person get back out of shape.

It can be very frustrating to do all that work during the warmer months, only to sit at home and have a huge break due to a lack of activities to help with staying in shape.

Riding a fat bike used to be a fairly exclusive sport simply because there were only a few fat bike choices for people to consider. As more competitors started building unique options, the overall price started dipping.

Now, people can find affordable solutions with both brand new or even used fat bikes. Lowering the entry-level cost of a fat bike is allowing more casual fans to become involved.

Making Global Fat Bike Day in 2020 Special

It is not going to be the same in 2020, and many events have completely been canceled throughout the year. That does not mean that a person can’t find ways to have fun during Global Fat Bike Day.

Even if it is something as simple as going on a solo ride and taking a little bit of extra time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the trail, it is a great way to participate in this growing sport.

If trends continue, fat bike riding will become even more popular in the next decade. It might seem like a relatively small holiday right now that is mostly online-based, but who knows what the future holds.

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